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How to get tibet travel permit?


The Tibet Travel Permit (TTP) is a document that consists of a traveler’s passport number, nationality, name, date of birth, and the name of the places they are visiting in Tibet. The TTP is issued by the Tibet Tourism Bureau, and it is necessary for all the foreign visitors( (including those of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau) traveling in Tibet to obtain this permit. It is necessary to show the TTP before boarding a flight or train from China to the Tibet Autonomous Region.

How to get the travel permit for entering Tibet?

All kinds of perople can get it through a China travel agency except diplomats, journalists, and senior government officials who should travel to Tibet under the arrangement by the Foreign Affairs Office of Tibet Government.

The Tibet Travel Permit is obtained from the Tibet Tourism Bureau, and all travelers should deal with local registered agencies in advance to get the permit.

To get the TTP you need hold a valid passport with valid Chinese visa and should submit the following information by fax / email at least 10days prior to arrival in Tibet:

1. Full name appears on the passport;
2. Gender;
3. Date of birth;
4. Passport number & copy of passport;
5. Nationality;
6. Occupation;

* For travel to a restricted region like Mt.Kailash, the permit must be applied for at least 20 days in advance. For travel to open areas like Lhasa and Mt. Everest, the permit should be applied for at least 10 days in advance.

If you are coming to Lhasa from Kathmandu, you'd better get China visa from Kathmandu because no matter you've already got the visa in your country or not, you must get a visa in Kathmandu, which is regulated in an official memo between China and Nepal.



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