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Festivals and Holidays in Yunnan

Festivals in Yunnan China
Festival Location Lunar calendar 2020 2021
Water-Splashing Festival Jinhong,Xishuangbanna 13-15th April fixed in Western calendar    
Sanyuesan Western Hills, Kunmíng 3rd of 3rd    
Fertility Festival Lijiang 13th of 3rd    
Third Moon Fair Dali 15th-21st of 3rd    
Guanyin Pavilion Festival Dali 19th of 3rd    
Three Temples Festival Dali 23rd-25th of 4th    
Guanyin Pavilion Festival Dali 19th of 6th    
Torch Festival Stone Forest, Kunming, Dali,  Lijiang, Chuxiong 24th of 6th    
Guanyin Pavilion Festival Dali 19th of 9th    


Holidays in Yunnan

Holidays Lunar calendar 2020 2021 2022
New Year 1st January fixed in Western calendar      
Spring Festival / Chinese New Year 1st of 1st      
Ching Ming Festival 5th April fixed in Western Calendar      
Dragon Boat Festival 5th of 5th      
Labour Day 1st May fixed in Western calendar      
Mid-autumn Festival 15th of 8th      
National Day Holiday 1st October fixed in Western calendar      

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