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+86-138-1060-7859 Contact@ChinaTravelPlanner.com

What is a “Private tour”?

Private tour is taken for person, family and party of your own group. Not only the itinerary is customized for you, but also the whole tour process arrangement is met to your requirements.

The main concern of us is taking care of you and your group from the moment you step foot in China in the most comfortable, private manner. Forget about hotel reservations, car rental, where to explore, where to practice any of your favorite hobbies, just click on the fields and get ready to see the wonderland!

The private tours we offer with a comprehensive view, such as your own area of interests: art, history, photography, sightseeing; your space: fast or slow walker, family with children, seniors, etc.; your specific request: Muslim Restaurants, Buddhism district, etc.

The private tour plan offer to you is based on your needs and tailor made by our knowledge professional travel experts:

The private tour arrangement will suitable to your flexible departure time. We will design a perfect itinerary based on your time for you holidays. The itinerary is very personable and flexible, and contains these places where you interest in.

You will have your own vehicle and private experienced driver. That means during your trip, you can have a stop along the way if you find something interesting and want to take a photo or have a short break if you like. This private vehicle is well drive and air-conditioning and met your group size.

During your whole tour process, all your sightseeing are accompanied with your private English tour guide or other language speaking tour guide which is available to you. Therefore, you can have rich time to ask those questions which you are interesting during your trip and have a tour at your own pace.

The accommodation, your private tour also includes the accommodation service. We will provide the selected hotels for you, and those hotels are well equipped and offer excellent services which give you a nice sleep. What’s more, the most important is the accommodation we offer to you is met your requirement. If you don’t like to stay at those star level hotels, we also can provide some unique and special hotel which is at you wish.

Another important thing at your travel is eating. You needn’t worry that all the meals are the same taste during your trip. You will have various choices of your meals, some famous cruise or local food, or even go to some Muslim restaurants for your meal.

What’s more, shopping is not at our arrangement. If you want to buy some travel souvenirs, our tour guide will lead you to the pellucid shop.

Get a Question?

Do not hesitage to contact us. We are an expert team and we are happy to work with you to refine the itinerary until you are satisfied.

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